March 23, 2013

Paperboy Mini Album

This is going to be a picture heavy post so sit back and relax. I want to show how versatile the Artistic Outpost stamps can be. This mini album was created using lots of paints, sprays, stencils and AO stamps from several different plates. The Paperboy stamps are the main focus in this album other than the pictures.

For those of you who love stamps but want to find a way to incorporate them into your family mini albums and other scrapbooking projects, this post is for you. I love creating art just because, but, as a mother of two small boys I am limited on time. Finding ways to combine creative art projects and family photos can be a challenge. When choosing stamp sets I try to think about the many different ways they can be used as well as if they are practical for family photo projects. These Paperboy stamps are perfect for both! I hope you will see that in the following photos.

Designer - Kate Yetter


Nora said...

Hi! What a nice album :) Very smart to incorpurate the AO stamp. You can just use any else of stamps!
Hope you get a nice easter together with your family.

Terry said...

Kate, I just love how you combined family photos with the Paperboy stamps! So clever to add a secret pocket for tags! Gorgeous project!

butterfly said...

Such a wonderful make, Kate - the inky grungy shabbiness of it delights me!!
Alison x