November 12, 2010

True Heart

Happy Friday, Suzz here. I have one of my many Oz projects to share with you. The Tin Man with his big heart was a favorite of mine in the Wizard of Oz.

The Oz Collage has such a wonderful image of him and the perfect sentiment to make a sweet card.

As soon as I saw the tin man I wanted to stamp him on tin foil. The image and background are aluminum foil from the kitchen. The only trick is to back it with cardstock and when adhering it to cardstock you want to have a super fine adhesive or  you will see the lines through the aluminum.

Stamping on the aluminum requires StaZon, but that works in your favor, because if you are unhappy with the results you can use the cleaner and wipe it off and start again. :)  

You can also add alcohol inks and markers to the foiled backgrounds.

Have a great weekend!


Designer: Suzanne Czosek


JeanFB said...

This is so clever! The aluminum foil is such a great alternative to cutting up soda cans. ;) Beautiful card, Suzz!

Lynn Stevens said...

Stamping of foil, brillant!