October 25, 2010

Sleigh Bells are Ringing and the Snow is Glistening

Winter Wonderland Lyrics
Sleigh bells ring, snow is glistening,
A beautiful sight, We're happy tonight
Walking in a Winter Wonderland

The snowy forest,  children gathering trees and bringing presents; evoke  the feeling of longing for those Nostalgic days. 
I remember my brother and I wearing similar coats and recall the excitement of simple lifestyles:  falling snow, cousins to play with and the hububaloo of presents.  Artistic Outpost Sleigh Ride stamps set indeed channels the atmosphere of Christmas Past.
Techniques used on this card are: Masking, Technique Junkies:  Feathered Tye-Dye December 2008 edition and Bleach Swipes December 2009
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