October 1, 2010

Christmas Wonder

Hello!  Suzz here, hope your day is going well.

I was so happy to use the beautiful Sleigh Ride stamp plate and create two pieces of home decor using non-traditional holiday colors.

These projects are both from a set of wooden coasters, which were painted with a couple of different colors of acrylic paint and stamped using various techniques.

The children are so sweet in their Christmas finery on their way visiting someone with holiday gifts in hand. 

The second wall hanging features the children on the sleigh ride and the lovely sentiment.

These were fun to paint, buff and add colors and embellishments and are lovely gifts to give.

Have a wonderful Friday!

Designer: Suzanne Czosek

1 comment:

KatieScarlett said...

Oh my gosh - these are gorgeous! I would so love to know what you used to create the colors. They are SO beautiful.