May 26, 2010

Artistic Outpost New May Releases and Special

Artistic Outpost is located in a part of the US where we are fortunate enough to experience all four seasons.  Springs are rainy, falls are crisp, and winters are unpredictable from year to year.
Because of these experiences, it is no wonder why our releases are influenced by what is going on right outside our front door.  Summer is no different, and really means two things, gardening and the beach.
We just finished planting broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, brussel sprouts, squash, zucchini, and cucumbers in our yard. We don’t have a garden, but we do have a nice strip of soil in front of the azaleas, perfect for growing veggies to munch on during the summer.  Too bad, the squirrels already enjoyed the strawberries. Next year, there will be a cage around them.  Wish us luck!
Now to the fun stamping news…
Artistic Outpost is excited to release our newest rubber stamp collections:  Beyond the Sea, Bloom and Grow, and Country Life.  To us these stamps represent the good life:  love, growth, and friendship. (and a pig thrown in just for jazz).
Beyond the Sea was inspired by the Bobby Darin song, “Beyond the Sea”.  It features interchangeable main images including the perfect lighthouse, alluring couple, and longing clam digger. Perfect for cards, shadow boxes, and scrapbooking your seashore visits.

Bloom and Grow and Country Life represent are two halves of one whole.  Bloom and Grow features more feminine elements including a perfect seed frame that you can use with so many of our stamps.  Country Life includes a little more fun “boy” imagery including the cutest little pig, chickens, and little boy.  Mix and match both of these collections together or with our other collections such as Lovely Day and Home.
You will see in our galleries how our designers have mixed and matched these two sets to create one of kind pieces of art. 
Be sure to stop by our Designers Blogs to see what they've created with these new releases
Enjoy all three collections together for a special price.  From now until June 4th, purchase all three sets together for $36, that’s a savings of 15%.  Simply use coupon code:  SUMMER2010 at check-out.  Just a note, you don't have to purchase all three of the new plates to get a discount, the discount will be taken off ANY of the THREE NEW RELEASES ONLY, simply add them to your cart, and use the coupon code at checkout, just remember this offer is only valid through June 4th.
We are excited to see what you all create
Have wonderful, safe, and happy summers...(or winters if you are in the southern hemisphere!)
-          Robyn Phelan Sharp, chief gardener

*note images on our blog are watermarked, the watermark will not appear on your rubber images


Kim said...

Lovin' these images!!!

Karen McAlpine said...

Beautiful new sets. Love all the garden images. I totally understand about the squirrels and the strawberries. In my yard, it's chipmunks. I might as well just lay some bulbs on a tray labeled gourmet chipmunk food. Have a great day!