April 12, 2010

Who are those two ladies?

A frequent question I get asked is "who" are the people in your stamps?" or "where do you get your vintage images?".

Our answer is everywhere...we use old family photos, we buy ephemera and old photos on etsy or eBay, and sometimes we get photos from friends.
This stamp from Generation Redux is actually my great grandmother, Hattie, on the lower left. The old photo says that the lady on the right is Mildred. This photo came to us from a distant relative and we still have not figured out who Mildred is / was. Was she her best friend? Cousin? Who are these two in your imagination? Sisters? Friends? Master quilters? Could they bake a cherry pie?
I have an active imagination...can you tell?
Hoping you have a wonderful creative week,

1 comment:

Lynn Stevens said...

Its so nice to know a little about the ladies. cool card too!