September 9, 2009

Caustic collage meets The Outpost

Well, I celebrated a little milestone birthday this weekend. NOT a big one that ends in a zero, but let's just say I'm in a new demographic when answering any consumer products surveys. It was a good b-day, and I got some great mail from my friends and family. Here's one such card from my friend Cyndi Watkins. She's brilliant with the caustic waxes, melting and pushing that stuff around to create this gorgeous background. Yes, it's wax. How she did the stamping on top of it, well, that's a tutorial she will have to film and share with us all (hint, hint, Cyndi).

- Robyn


One4Joy said...

This is GORGEOUS! love the depth of field and the beautiful colors in that tree!

And Happy Birthday...too

Cathy said...

Wow, That is absolutely awesome!!!Love he colors and the natural flow of the background. Love it!

Lynn Stevens said...

Its stunning, I do hope she does a tutorial and shares her secrets wth us!

Pat Bowman said...

Oh my gosh - we really need a tutorial. I'm not familiar with this technique, but it is beautiful!